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Flag Dude - Custom 54mm-60mm Flags
Any period...any country...any regiment!
Well known for his 28mm wargaming flags, vexillology expert Rick O'Brien offers his uniquely crafted 54mm-60mm flags exclusively through Crown Military Miniatures.
Customers may order virtually any flag of any regiment and/or battalion for any given year.
Just provide us with as much information as possible (i.e., 1815, British 2nd Guards Regiment, 1st Battalion), and that is precisely the flag you will receive.  Otherwise, just provide us with the image for reference.
These flags come in the correct historical proportions with appropriate staves, finials or eagles and ribbons for the flag depicted.
Staves are left long enough to cut to the appropriate size for any figure.
Flags are available in both paper and cloth, depending on your requirements.
     Cloth Flags:   $14 USD
Postage:  $4 (regardless of size of order).
Feel free to contact us with any special requirements or questions.
If you attend any toy soldier shows or wargaming conventions, you can vist either the Crown Military Miniatures or Flag Dude booth to views these magnificent flags.
Submit inquiries and orders via email to:  or call:  603-552-5069.
Below are a few examples of how Flag Dude flags have been incorporated into 54mm vignettes.
Below are just a few of the many flags that we keep in stock.  Orders for these flags may be filled immediately.
NOTE:  Figures pictured below are not included and are for scale purposes only.



Duke of Buckingham

Item:  FD-501






Item:  FD-502




King Henry VII (Tudor)

Item:  FD-503




King Richard III

Item:  FD-504




Lord Audley

Item:  FD-505




Norfolk (War of the Roses)

Item:  FD-506




Prince of Wales (Royal English Standard)

Item:  FD-507




Sir Richard Croft

Item:  FD-508




Sir Thomas Roos

Item:  FD-509




William Fitzallen

Item:  FD-510




Bishop of Sion - French

Item:  FD-512



Le Brun - French

Item:  FD-511


Order of the Star - French

Item:  FD-513





English Civil War


Prince Rupert - Royalist

Item:  FD-1301



James II - Royalist

Item:  FD-1302



King's Lifeguard - Royalist

Item:  FD-1303




Lord Fairfax - Parliamentarian

Item:  FD-1304



Hampden - Parliamentarian

Item:  FD-1305




Tower Hamlets - Parliamentarian

Item:  FD-1306



American War of Independence




Betsy Ross

Item:  FD-130





Item:  FD-131






Item:  FD-132






Liberty Stripes 1

Item:  FD-133





Item:  FD-135





3rd New York

Item:  FD-136




2nd Rhode Island

Item:  FD-137




3rd Virginia

Item:  FD-138





Item:  FD-139



Hanover Associates

Item:  FD-140



New Jersey Light Infantry

Item:  FD-141



Liberty Stripes 2

Item:  FD-134




3rd Foot (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-101A



3rd Foot (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-101B




6th Foot (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-102A




6th Foot (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-102B



23rd (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-103A




23rd (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-103B




27th (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-104A




27th (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-104B




42nd (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-105A





42nd (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-105B




64th (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-106A




64th (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-106B




71st (Kings Colours)

Item:  FD-107A




71st (Regimental Colours)

Item:  FD-107B











von Rall 1

Item: FD-160A



von Rall 2

Item: FD-160B








American Civil War



9th Indiana (National Colours)

Item: FD-201A


9th Indiana (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-201B


19th Indiana (National Colours)

Item: FD-202A


19th Indiana (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-202B


1st Massachusetts (National Colours)

Item: FD-203A


1st Massachusetts (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-203B




20th Maine (National Colours)

Item: FD-204A


20th Maine (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-204B


1st New Jersey (National Colours)

Item: FD-205A


1st New Jersey (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-205B


11th New Jersey (National Colours)

Item: FD-206A


11th New Jersey (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-206B


10th New York (National Colours)

Item: FD-207A


10th New York (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-207B


14th New York (National Colours)

Item#: FD-208A

14th New York (Regimental Colours)

Item#: FD-208B


63rd New York (National Colours)

Item: FD-209A


63rd New York (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-209B


69th New York (National Colours)

Item: FD-210A


69th New York (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-210B


146th New York (National Colours)

Item: FD-211A


146th New York (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-211B


17th Ohio (National Colours)

Item: FD-212A


17th Ohio (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-212B


116th Pennsylvania (National Colours)

Item: FD-213A




116th Pennsylvania (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-213B


143rd Pennsylvania (National Colours)

Item: FD-214A


143rd Pennsylvania (Regimental Colours)

Item: FD-214B










3rd Confederate (Hardee)

Item: FD-301



45th Alabama (Hardee)

Item: FD-302


1st Tennessee (Polk)

Item: FD-303


Item: FD-304



Item: FD-306


1st National Stars and Bars

Item: FD-307


31st Alabama, 1st National

Item: FD-308



1st Louisiana, 1st National

Item: FD-309

1st Florida Beauregard

Item#: FD-305



5th Florida

Item: FD-310


21st Mississippi National

Item: FD-311


14th North Carolina

Item: FD-312


2nd South Carolina

Item: FD-313


6th South Carolina

Item: FD-314


10th South Carolina

Item: FD-315


11th Tennessee

Item: FD-316


8th Virginia

Item: FD-317



24th Virginia

Item: FD-318




French (1804 Design)


Mameluke (1804)

Item: FD-160A





French (1812 Design)


2nd Line

Item: FD-437


17th Line

Item: FD-438


24th Line

Item: FD-439


30th Line

Item: FD-440



3rd Cuirassiers

Item: FD-441



4th Cuirassiers

Item: FD-442

5th Cuirassiers

Item: FD-443



10th Cuirassiers

Item: FD-444

French (1815 Design)


1st Grenadier Guards

Item: FD-429


1st Line

Item: FD-430


2nd Line

Item: FD-431


5th Line

Item: FD-432

 45th Line

Item: FD-433


1st Light Infantry

Item: FD-434

2nd Light Infantry

Item: FD-435



1st Artillery

Item: FD-436


British (1815 Design)


1st Foot Guard King's Colours

Item: FD-401A

1st Foot Guard Regimental Colours

Item: FD-401B

2nd Foot Guard, 1st Bn, King's Colours 

Item: FD-402A

2nd Foot Guard, 1st Bn, Regimental Colours

Item: FD-402B


2nd Foot Guard, 2nd Bn, King's Colours 

Item: FD-403A

2nd Foot Guard, 2nd Bn, Regimental Colours 

Item: FD-403B


3rd Foot Guard King's Colours

Item: FD-404A


3rd Foot Guard Regimental Colours 

Item: FD-404B

 27th Regiment King's Colours

Item: FD-405A

27th Regiment Regimental Colours

Item: FD-405B



42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch) King's Colours

Item: FD-406A



42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch) Regimental Colours

Item: FD-406B



52nd Regiment King's Colours

Item: FD-407A



52nd Regiment Regimental Colours

Item: FD-407B


71st Highland Regiment (Glasgow) King's Colours

Item: FD-408A


71st Highland Regiment (Glasgow) Regimental Colours

Item: FD-408B


74th Regiment King's Colours

Item: FD-409A

74th Regiment Regimental Colours

Item: FD-409B



92nd Highland Regiment (Gordons) King's Colours

Item: FD-410A



92nd Highland Regiment (Gordons) Regimental Colours

Item: FD-410B

Napoleonic Prussian   


2nd Regiment (Black)

Item: FD-470A



2nd Regiment (White)

Item: FD-470B


Napoleonic Russian   


St. Peter Grenadier 1

Item:  FD-480A


St. Peter Grenadier 2

Item:  FD-480B


Seven Years War




Prussian Guard #1 (White)

Item: FD-1201A


Prussian Guard #2 (Blue)

Item: FD-1201B


Jacobite Rebellion




Atholl 1st Battalion

Item#: FD-705



Atholl 2nd Battalion

Item#: FD-706





Stewarts of Appin Regiment

Item#: FD-703


Stuart's Regiment

Item#: FD-710


Scotland National Flag

Item#: FD-700



Item#: FD-709


Lord Olgivy's Regiment

Item#: FD-708


Lord Olgivy, 2nd Battalion

Item#: FD-707


Clan Cameron

Item#: FD-711


Cameron of Lochiel

Item#: FD-712

British Colonial Wars
Anglo-Zulu Wars



Zulu Wars, 24th Foot, Queen's Colours

Item: FD-601A



Zulu Wars, 24th Foot, Regimental Colours

Item: FD-601B


British Colonial Wars
Sudan and War Along the Nile


Dervish #1 (Black)

Item#: FD-801C


Dervish #2 (Blue)

Item#: FD-802B



Dervish #3 (Black)

Item#: FD-803C




Dervish #5 (Green)

Item#: FD-804D






Dervish #8 (Blue)

Item#: FD-805B



Dervish #8 (Red)

Item#: FD-805A



Dervish #14 (Green)

Item#: FD-806D

 World War I German




Germany National Tricolour

Item: FD-902


Prussian National (Red)

Item: FD-903


Kaiser's Standard 

Item: FD-901

 World War II   



Germany - Nazi

Item: FD-1006


Germany - Wermacht

Item: FD-1007


Germany - Naval Ensign

Item: FD-904




Japan National

Item: FD-1011


Japan Battle

Item: FD-1012




Russian National (Soviet)

Item: FD-1008


Russian 255th Infantry

Item: FD-1009



Russian Army #10

Item: FD-1010




USA National

Item: FD-1002


United Kingdom National

Item: FD-1001


Canada National

Item: FD-1004


Australia National

Item: FD-1003