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Niena Studios of St. Petersburg, Russia


Niena Studios specialises in 54mm and 90mm and can be ordered in various painting levels. Items in our online catalogue identify which painting levels are available for each figure and the associated price.
Figures are available in five paint levels, each level representing a particular quality of painting, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. Below is a description of each paint level.
Paint Level 1 (Souvenir): Play set level with the least amount of detail, no highlight or shading.
Paint Level 2 (Semi-Collector): Reasonable detail, some highlight and shading.
Paint Level 3 (Premium): Moderate level of detail, several layers of highlight and shading.
Paint Level 4 (Collector): High level of detail, many layers of highlight and shading. Requires a master painter.
Paint Level 5 (Top Connoisseur): Extremely high level of detail, Requires top level master painters.
Note: Very few figures are available in all paint levels. Please check the listing to see which paint levels are available. As each figure is custom ordered and painted, it may take 60-90 days to be shipped to you. Please be's worth the wait!