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Welcome to Crown Military Miniatures!
Military miniatures...toy them what you like! We have them!
We buy collections...large and us!
We Have Moved!
We are currently located just up the street from our old location:
   100 North Broadway (Unit A) in Salem, New Hampshire.
Twice the size - Twice the displays!!


Quebec Landing Barge






Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759

The barge, crew, and grenadiers are sold separately.
About Us

Crown Military Miniatures distributes fine quality military figures, historical miniatures, toy soldiers, and accessories. We offer 54mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 90mm figures from manufacturers around the world but without the the high price of international postage or duty. That's right...if you live in the USA and your order exceeds $50, shipping is free!
We have endeavored to provide large format photos throughout this website so that you can discern all the details and quality of each piece.

United Kingdom Customers

We have a tab at the top of our menu especially for our UK customers.  Here you can place your order to be shipped and billed from the UK, avoiding foreign transaction fees or international shipping.  Orders over  £50 ship free in the UK.
We buy and sell complete collections!

If you are interested in selling a collection, please call us at 603-552-5069.
This week's featured set!





Surprisingly affordable

Connoisseur toy soldiers are cast of the finest alloys and hand painted by skilled artists in shockingly minute detail. You will be surprised by the affordability of these little works of art.
Important Note: